Rig Wash Liquid Supplier at Kandla Port, Mundra Port, Sikha Port, Hazira Port, Gandhidham.

RIG WASH is a highly concentrated, heavy duty cleaner/degreaser formulated for oilfield and industrial use. Rigwash is powerful and fast emulsifier that removes the heavy deposits of grease, oily dirt, and thick grime build up from heavy equipment, machinery, tools, concrete floors and metal surfaces. Specially formulated for offshore use,its high penetration formula deep into recesses and crevice of equipment and machinery to chase out soils without disassembling.

Aquaclean HD for Cargo Hold Cleaning to clean Animal and Vegetable Oil, Fats and also to remove the stains of Petcoke, Coal.

Aquaclean HD is a mixture of emulsifier, new technology surfactant and also contain corrosion inhibitor to prevent the corrosion of metal like Aluminium, Tin, Brass. Aquaclean HD is a cost effective, ecofriendly, heavy duty alkaline product especially formulated for cargo hold cleaning to remove stains and discoloring after dirty and challenging cargoes such as petcoke, coal and other oily cargoes.

Muriatic Acid supplier in Jakhau port

We are keeping ready stock of Muriatic Acid at Gandhidham to full fill the regular demand of our ship chandler and shipping agent for there Jakhau port. Muriatic acid can be apply to clean cement and many hard deposits mineral, As during transporting of such goods in ship bulk due to the high pressure of cargo load cement getting deposited on the metal surface. Its removal is must to load other cargo, And cement deposition also damaging the paint coat due to there chemicals moisture presence in it.