Cargo Hold Cleaning Chemical Supplier in Kolkata Port, Kandla Port, Mundra Port, Gandhidham

The principal behind cleaning of CARGO hold...

The 1st segment to clean and neutralize coal residue :

Coal contain sulphur and many more others materials which is resulting corrosive effect on metal and painted surface. In chemical terms its proper cleaning means not only removal of its deposit to make surface clear and bright, But chemically neutralization effect also required. Coal remover having chemical neutralization and  cleaning formula, This product can be mixed with Alkleen safety liquid in open drums / Tanks as follows :::


Boiler Water Sludge Conditioner Supplier in Kandla, Mundra Port, Dahej, Surat.

Boiler Water sludge is caused by the presence of small quantities of hardness salts and traces of suspended matter in operational steam boilers and feed waters.This sludge settles on the surface forming a hard scale which indirectly increases the maintenance costs, degrades the heat transfer efficiency and overall boiler efficency. Therefore in order to ensure the boiler system and operate at optimum effiency it is essential that correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved by using the boiler sludge conditioner specifically for steam boiler.