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CHEMICAL supplier in Okha Port. We have entire range of chemicals stock at Gandhidham, Which is 6 Hrs distance from OKHA port. And we are supplying full range of ship maintenence chemicals through our registered shipchandler.  Main Commodities Handled in OKHA port is for Import : Coke, Coal, Wheat, Sulphur and Fertilizer and for Export : Calcium Bauxite, Onion, Clinker, Raw Bauxite, Chemicals and Soda Ash.

Cleaning of IMPORT commodities help to reload export cargo on ship. We have full range of cleaner to clean Coke, Coal, Sulphur and Fertilizer. Our regular supply and more then 25 years of experience given us opportunity to manufacture special cargo hold cleaner like Aquatuff, Coal Remover, Aquatuff etc. And our one product Hold Block is also very popualar to make thin layer coating on Hold, to protect metal surface from hazardous acid ( which is prepared during contact with moisture and sulphur , coal, Salt etc. Due to high pressure and specific temperature all these cargo comes in contact with moisture and corrosive acid form ).

Pl. be note for OKHA PORT Limited supply is only possible through  by private barges. Which is very expensive. If Owner / Agent of vessel have there work supply can be club to avoid additional expances for chemicals supply. 

We supply chemical and covers all Gujarat port includes ship supply  at Kandla, Sikka, Vadinar, Okha, Mundra, Vadinar, Bedi, Porbunder, Jamnagar, Mundra, Pipavav and Dahej. 

Supply of Marine Boiler Water Treatment, Fuel Oil Treatment, Evaporator Treatment, Jacket Cooling Water Treatment, Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals to Foreign Going & Coastal vessels calling at Indian and Foreign Ports.


BOILER WATER TREATMENT  chemical supplier which includes Hardness Controller Adjunct B, Akalinity Controller GC , Sludge Conditioner Liquid Coagulant , Oxygen Scavenger Amerzine etc.


 COOLING WATER TREATMENT chemical supplier which includes Nitrite borate based corrosion inhibitor-harmless to ferrous/nonferrous, rubber jointing materials like DEWT NC


EVAPORATOR TREATMENT chemical supplier which includes Active scale controller & antifoaming agent. Ameroyal LTR 

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS  supplier which includes Electric Cleaner Drew Electric 2000, Carbon remover Carbon remover, Oil spill Dispersant OSD LT, Bilge Cleaner Ameroid OWS, Air cooler cleaner ACC 9,  DESCALER Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metal and does not have flash point like Powder Descaler SAF ACID, Concentrated Descaling Liquid DeScale - IT, General purpose Degreaser O&GR LTR, TANK CLEANER Heavy Duty TC # 4, Rust Stain Remover Ameroid RSR LTR


FUEL OIL TREATMENT  chemical supplier which includes Sludge Dispersant/Fuel Oil Conditioner AMERGY 222, Combustion Improver AMERGY, Deposit Modifier/Cumbustion improver AMERGIZE, Low Temperature Soot Remover LT SOOT RELEASE, Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Conditioner AMERGY XLS LTR