Air Cooler Cleaner Sea Water SIDE 25 Ltr Manufacturer And Supplier in Kandla,Gandhidham,Mundra,Sikka,Jamnagar,Surat,Navlakhi,Porbander,etc.

West india Chemicals is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of. Air Cooler Cleaner Sea Water SIDE 25 Kandla,Gandhidham,Mundra,Sikka,Jamnagar,Surat,Navlakhi,Porbander,et

Air Cooler Cleaner Sea Water SIDE  This is White scales attached on the seawater side of air coolers of many vessels. We found that in most cases, the main component of the scales is calcium carbonate and there is also a small amount of calcium sulfate. Therefore in most cases, if you dissolve the calcium carbonate the scales will be removed.