Preparation to be done prior to using the hold cleaner :-

Preparing Cargo Holds for loading Grain depends on the previous cargo.

1. Cargo Holds must be thoroughly cleaned and dry and trace of previous cargo in frames, beams, girders, and other structure.

2. There should not be any loose rust and or paint scale anywhere in the Cargo Holds, Bulkheads, upper and lower hopper spaces, underneath of Hatch Covers and tank top.

3. There should not be traces of live & dead insect & weevils.

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Cutting Oil is a special blend of solvents and oils, designed to assist in the operation of cutting threading or drilling metals. The product exhibit good cooling properties and oxidation stability.

Fuel Care Treat is a super additive to maintain homogenious dispersion of FUEL oil BLEND .Its chemical reaction improves water separation in tanks and separators, which prevents SLUDGE formation . It is very usefull product to avoid sludge formation and effectively.

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Air Cooler Cleaner is a very effective solvent emulsion cleaner which is formulated to penetrate and remove oil, grease and carbon deposits from diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and compressor sides of turbochargers. It is a blend of highly active cleaning compound and corrosion inhibitor. The product is also used to remove carbonaceous residue from machinery parts and suitable for all type of diesel engines.