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pH Booster Morpholine Base

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RXSOL pH Boosters are morpholine based alkaline formulation,used as alkalinity source for boiler feed water. It is synergized with properties of pH boosting and water conditioning.
Product Description: 

RXSOL pH Boosters are liquid  alkaline formulation,used as alkalinity source for boiler feed water. It is synergized with properties of pH boosting and water conditioning.

Morpholine have unique pH adjusting qualities and uses and distribution throughout the steam plant helps to protect from corrosion. Morpholine is often used in conjunction with low concentrations of hydrazine or ammonia to provide a comprehensive all-volatile treatment chemistry for corrosion protection for the steam systems of such plants. Morpholine decomposes reasonably slowly in the absence of oxygen at the high temperatures and pressures in these steam systems.

Boiler water pH booster or alkalinity builder is a multipurpose Boiler Water Treatment Chemical that increases the alkalinity and pH of boiler water for corrosion inhibition and also aids in removal of sludge or boiler deposits and prevention of scaling in boiler tubes. Normally the Boiler feed water pH should be at 9.5-10 for avoiding boiler tubes corrosion or rusting due to acidic attack.

Product Application: 

RXSOL-40-5024-020 have antiscalant property  which will help to formation of scale inside the boiler. This makes it profitable for users by savings of power and labor, and increase in production.  As Uses of antiscalants is a prime necessity to meet up with production targets.

pH booster is an alkaline liquid formulation designed to increase alkalinity of  feed water  of boiler. It is also used to reduce corrosion of feed water tank,lines & pump.  


pH booster Increases ph of the feed water reducing also increases alkalinity in boiler water reducing scaling & corrosion of the boiler metal.


pH booster is helps in formation of non adherent fluidises the sludge which is then removed easily during normal blow-down. non- toxic and non-corrosive liquid formulation and therefore can be handled  easily.

Product Procedure: 

RXSOL  pH Boosters are dosed depending upon the feed water characteristic and alkalinity requirement. It is compatible with all other treatment chemicals. It is dosed exactly as per the dosage rate and method of RXSOL-50-5001-025



pH booster is non- toxic liquid formulation and therefore can be handled  easily. pH booster should be dosed continuously. Dose the dilute solution  in boiler feed  water line.  

Product Note: 

Key Features & Benefits:-

Minimizes corrosion of feed water tank, lines and pump

Imparts water and sludge conditioning to minimize scaling and deposition

Compatible with other treatment Chmicals

Completely biodegradable chemicals
Its antiscale property helps and Prevent from Scaling

Minimum downtime required for descaling
Multipurpose,therefore easy to use
Proper maintenance of boiler saves Power / Fuel saving upto 70%. Formation of Scale is major issue and contol of scale makes Effectively heat transfer which Increase productivity.

Product Technical Specification: 


Properties Unit Typical Value
Form and Appearance - Clear Colorless Liquid
Odor - Characteristic
pH (neat) pH Alkaline
Solubility - Completely Soluble in Water
Product pack size: 
25 Kgs. 50 Kgs.