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Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor DEWT

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Kandla, Gandhidham, Mundra, Sikka, Jamnagar, Surat, Navlakhi, Porbander, Pipava, Dehej, Hazira, Okha, Vadodra, Ahmedabad, Rajkot
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Dielsel Engine Corrosion Inhibitor Powder for Cooling Water System
Dry powder with Unique formulation with organic corrosion inhibitors and Anti-Scalants for use in closed Engine cooling water systems.
Product Description: 

Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor DEWT Prevents corrosion and scale formation in closed cooling water systems of internal combustion engines, compressors, diesel generators. Used as a cooling water additive for ships’ diesel engines. RXSOL-40-4002-025  is a dry powder, nitrite / borate based compound with unique formulation with organic corrosion inhibitors and anti-scalants for use in closed cooling water systems.

Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor DEWT is a non-chromate powdered product incorporated with corrosion inhibitors specially designed to inhibit and prevent corrosion in diesel cooling waters systems.

Diesel Engine cooling system protection Nitrite Borax based scale Guard Inhibitor DEWT

Product Application: 

Prevents corrosion and scale formation in closed cooling water systems of internal combustion engines, compressors, diesel generators. Used as a cooling water additive for ships’ diesel engines.

Before testing of Nitrite level, Here is some point and guideline,  what you need to do. : 1 take the following readings; pH, TDS (uS), and nitrite level.and record. 2 add the Chemical your are using. 3. wait for a period of time for the sysem to circulate. hours> 4. Re check the readings. and record. 5 track these readings
for a period of time.

If the TDS and Nitrite drop you have a leak/ unknown makeup. if the TDS stays stable and the nitrite drops you have a biological problem. Bacteria that convert nitrite to nitrate.

Solution ::: Use DI water in place of general water, And also use. Algaecide to control Bacterial growth inside water system ...

Product Procedure: 

Method Of Use:-Properly   clean  the  system  with  water  and  alkaline  liquid,  if  necessary. Add  0 .05-0.2 %  of  RXSOL-40-4002-025  in system or recommended Nitrite level1400 – 2500 ppm can be measured and controlled  by  any standard  RXSOL test  kit  for  Nitrite, Chloride  test  also helps  to detect excess  contamination  to  maintain  accepted  levels. when the product is dosed as recommended  limit By buffering action of   RXSOL-40-4002-025   , pHshould be maintained between 8.3 and 10 by the treatment.
Note:-Initial dosage for an untreated system is 2 Kg of Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor RXSOL-40-4002-025 / 1000 litres of untreated distilled water. This will bring the treatment up to the minimum level of 1000 ppm nitrite.  For  best  result  and  prolonged  engine  life  add  RXSOL-40-4002-025 every  500 -6500  km. or  250  to  300 hours  of  running  time  or  every  2 month   interval. 

Product Note: 

Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor (RXSOL-40-4002-025) COOLING WATER TREAT CORROSION INHIBITOR ( HIGH  NITRITE CONTENT)  RXSOL-40-4002-025 Powder (For Radiators, DG - sets, Closed Cooling System)

Product Technical Specification: 


Specification                                                                                 Handling        


Off white powder

Engine Guard NB Scale Inhibitor DEWT is an alkaline product  & should  be handled like other chemical Avoid contact with Eyes, Skin ,in case of contact ,wash with copious amounts of water  immediately.


Alkaline ( 9 )



Nitrite (as PPM NO2)







RXSOL CWT 4001/1000L




1 -1.8

1 -1.8

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Diesel Engine Guard Scale Inhibitor NB Nitrite Borax Based DEWT Engine Water Treatment Chemicals available in 25 Kg and 50 Kg JAR packing. Diesel Engine Water treatment chemicals DEWT are available in Mumbai, JNPT, Kandla, Chennai, Vizag, Kolkata, Fujairah.
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<p> Dielsel Engine Corrosion Inhibitor Powder for Cooling Water System</p>

Shipchandler of Gandhidham, Jamnagar always have frequency of vessel. Diesel Guard works as corrosion inhibitor in cooling system. And in marine shipping industries Diesel Guard is most common product for cooling water treatment. We are one of largeset supplier of Diesel Guard in Gandhidham, Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Hazira - Surat.


Diesel Guard distributor in Gandhidham. West India Chemical International is one of largest distributor of Marine Chemicals - Diesel Guard. We kept diesel Guard Powder in 25 KG JAR packing.


Diesel Guard is mixture of NITRITE BORATE Borax which effectively works as  CORROSION INHIBITOR for cooling system. DCWT - Diesel Guard is one of important marine chemicals in shipping industries. West India Chemical International works with Shipchandler of Gandhidham since 1995, And now we are in position to maintain Gandhidham best seller of Diesel Guard.


We are Diesel Guard Exporter from Kandla Port to Russia, Iran, UAE - Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

The stable oxide film that is formed by RXSOL-40-4002-025 prevents corrosion caused by electrolytic action between dissimilar   metals used in the system . RXSOL-40-4002-025 has been field tested and found to have no detrimental effects on non metallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in these’systems

Application-DG*Sets:-Internal combustion engines closed circuit cooling system compressor cooling system. RXSOL-40-4002-025 incorporates superior corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion works by free of scale deposits.

RXSOL-40-4002-025  is a  dry powder, nitrite/borate based compound with unique formulation with organic Corrosion Inhibitors , Anti-Scalant for use in closed cooling water systems , for preventing corrosion and scale Formation in Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG -set at high or low temperature. It is also acts as a corrosion inhibitor ( Protects all the metals including cast iron , mild steel , copper.

Engine NB Guard Scale Inhibitor DEWT Marine Chemicals manufacturer and Supplier in India and Middle East.

Rust Scale Inhibitor, Engine water treatment / NITRITE BORATE BASED CORROSION INHIBITOR

Also keeping ready stock of full range of marine and oil field maintenance chemicals which includes these chemicals...

CHEMICALS ENVIROMATE 2000 - General Purpose Multi Cleaning chemicals.
OSD oil spill dispersant, Carbon Remover, ACC9, Cooling Water Nitrite Borax Corrosion Inhibitor, Metal Cleaning Rust Bright chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitor, ALKAATUFF Ship Hold Alkaline multi purpose Cleaner, Ship Poly Coat Hold Block to provide thin layer on metal hold surface

Engine Scale Inhibitor NB nitrite borax Guard Scale Inhibitor DEWT for Diesel engine exporter and supplier in Navi Mumbai MIDC, Surat, Gandhidham, Mundra Kandla, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Muscat, Barka, Paradip, Kolkata, Haldia, Canada, Visakhapatnam Gangavaram


Advantages:-1.Prolong the life of equipment by keeping scale and corrosion free. Since RXSOL-40-4002-025 Engine NB Guard Scale Inhibitor DEWT is alkaline and so will suppress acid corrosion, which would otherwise result in corrosion damage such as pitting. However, the alkalinity control is such that even if the product is accidentally overdosed, the pH of the water will remain within limits. The metals which would be affected by extremes of alkalinity or acidity are protected.

2.Improves generating cooling efficiency by maintaining a clean heat transfer   
3.Corrosion protection by using superior corrosion inhibitor.
4.Reduced maintenance and down   time
5.Compatible with Coolants / Antifreeze solution / Glycol
6.Friendly with   Metals (Like steel, Copper, Aluminum, all alloys) & Non-metal (Rubber, Hoses, Gasket etc.)
Note:-In cases where systems are contaminated with oil and/or scale they should be cleaned before starting to apply RXSOL-40-4002-025 .There are suitable RX BRAND products to carry out the cleaning. Degreasing should be carried out using RXSOL SC 2002 and descaling by using RXSOL DC 1008 .