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Compressor Cleaner RXSOL ORG 80 Ultra Pure Biodegrable

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RXSOL ORG 80 ( Ultra Pure Biodegrable Compressor Cleaner) is an ultra pure, biodegradable water-based cleaner.

Product Description: 

RXSOL ORG 80 is an ultra pure, biodegradable water-based detergent which has been developed by RXMarine's R & D Team to provide maximum possible cleaning efficiency from a non-solvent formulation. RXSOL ORG 80 is the new water-based cleaner for on-line and off-line compressor cleaning against which the cost and performance of all other water-based cleaners will now be challenged.

RXSOL ORG 80 was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency and effectiveness from a non-solvent chemical. When developing  and  testing RXSOL ORG 80, Rx Marine International 'S technical Team evaluated all other leading non-solvent water-based chemicals to  make sure that  RXSOL ORG 80  would have superior cleaning qualities. This resulted in a non-hazardous, user-friendly and highly biodegradable water-based cleaner which now sets the standard against which the performance and cost effectiveness of all other true nonsolvent water-based gas turbine compressor cleaners can be judged.

Product Application: 

RXSOL ORG 80 can be used with any on-line/off-line injection system but for optimum cleaning results and economic usage of chemicals, Rx Marine International  offers a full range of patented manual or fully automatic atomising injection systems to suit any engine type.

Product Procedure: 


Is normally performed by mixing one part RXSOL ORG 80 concentrate with 1:4 parts of water into a stable solution. RXSOL ORG 80 -Super Concentrate is to be mixed in a 1:19 dilution. Use demineralised water as specified by the engine manufacturer, typically <11µS/cm. The volume of chemical solution needed per wash and the optimum cleaning frequency will depend upon engine size, operating environment and fouling tendency. It is recommended that a post rinse is performed to ensure that the nozzle system is cleaned and ready for next operation.


Concentrated RXSOL ORG 80 is normally mixed with 1:4  parts of good quality water. RXSOL ORG 80 Super Concentrate is to be mixed in a 1:19 dilution. The solution is injected at cranking speed, allowed to soak for 20 to 30 minutes then thoroughly rinsed off at cranking speed with good quality water acceptable to the engine manufacturer. RXSOL ORG 80 can be used without dilution for offline cleaning, providing a superb cleaning result for heavily fouled compressors.


Add antifreeze below +10ºC, RXSOL ORG 80 is compatible with Methanol, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol. Rx Marine International manufacture a superior freeze point depressant, RXSOL Antifreezing Liquid, please contact  Rx Marine International  for further information.

Product Note: 


  • Safely and effectively cleans compressors on-line when running at any speed and load.
  • Extremely effective non-solvent cleaner.
  • Meets the most stringent requirements of gas turbine manufacturers.
  • Ideal for light and frequent on-line washing of any type of industrial, marine or aviation gas turbine to maintain in-service output and fuel efficiency.
  • On-line cleaning reduces damaging shutdown/start-up thermal cycles and starter wear and tear.
  • Ideal for off-line cleaning due to high biodegradability.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Mixes readily with most antifreeze agents to allow low ambient temperature on-line/off-line cleaning.
  • Supplied in concentrated form to reduce transport and handling costs and minimise storage requirements.
  • Can be supplied as wipes for cleaning many other gas turbine part .




Hazard Rating : Xi. Irritant
US NFPA Rating  :1,1,0
Protective :Non-hazardous but avoid frequent prolonged direct contact with skin to prevent
Measure : Possibility of de-oiling skin and wear eye protection as a matter of course when handling any chemical
Spillage :Absorb large spillages with sand or earth. Flush away small spillages with water
Fire : Non Flamable
Eyes :Flush liberally with water. If any irritation persists seek medical attention.
Skin  :Wash skin with soap and water.

:Remove patient to fresh air. If rapid recovery does not occur obtain medical attention.



RXSOL ORG 80 is a safe and highly biodegradable chemical. However for off-line, crank-wash cleaning all chemical solution and rinse water drainage should be collected and disposed of properly no matter what type of chemical (Solvent based or detergent based) is being used. Always adhere to the local & national regulations.

Product Technical Specification: 


Appearance :Clear Liquid
Density  :In g/ml at 20°C: 1.00
Flash Point :No Flash Point
pH :(20% solution) 7 – 7.5
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