West India Chemical International manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals

West India Chemical International manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals.

MARINE CHEMICALS Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujrat - Kandla, Sikka, Mundra, Salaya, Hajira, Navlakhi Port

MARINE CHEMICALS Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujrat - Kandla, Sikka, Mundra, Salaya, Hajira, Navlakhi Port. West India Chemical International Keeping full range of Marine chemicals - Fuel Oil Treatment, Electrocleaner, Chlorine Chemicals, Rust and Scale Remover, Solvent and Carbon Cleaner, Cargo Hold Tank Cleaner, Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Oil Spill Dispersant, Sewage Treatment chemicals, Boiler water treatment chemicals, Cooling water treatment Chemicals, Water treatment test kit. Pl. find herewith some valuabel marine chemicals products.

SALAYA Port Gujrat marine chemicals supplier

West India Chemical International is one of largest marine chemical supplier in Salaya port Gujrat, India. We are regularly supplying Hold Block - Slip coat, Aquatuff, Coal Remover, Cement Remover, lime wash remover, Metal brite, ACC9, Degreaser to Salaya Port GUJRAT.

Kindly share your inquiry to get product price and other details like MSDS and using procedure of Marine Chemicals. Our email id is westindiachemicals@gmail.com 

Job Location Adipur

Vacancy for Chemicals / Shipping Industries

Marketing Executive: 2 No
Office Assistant: 4 No

Account Assistant: 2 No

Office Boy: 2 No

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Kandla Ship chandler for Chemicals

Kandla Ship chandler for Chemicals. Marine chemical supplier in Gandhidham. Marine chemicals can be classified in various category Like Deck Engine Maintenance chemicals, Boiler Water treatment chemicals, Cooling water treatment chemicals, Ship hold cleaner, tank Cleaner, Ballast Water Treatment and cleaning chemicals. And many more can be accessed through this link http://westindiachemical.com/ship-chandler .

Barrier coating supplier in Kandla, Mundra

BARRIER COATING, TANKCLEAN ALKALINE EXTRA ship maintenance chemical supplier in Gandhidham, Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Hazira, Navlakhi Port - Gujrat.  Ship Chandler and shipping agent of Gujrat.  We are keeping ready stock of full range of SHIP hold cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Gandhidham. 

We have specialize email id to get immediate response for shipchandlers of Gujrat-



MAINTENANCE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS ::: We are ship maintenance chemicals supplier in Kandla, Mundra, Sikka Gujrat Port...

Carbon Remover
Air Cooler Cleaner
Descaling Liquid
Descaling Liquid For Silica
Paint Remover
Rust Remover
Metal Brite
Alkleen Liquid
Alkleen Safety Liquid
Hand Cleaner
Cement Remover
Bilgechem Separating

Email : mail@westindiachemical.com

Slipcoat for Kandla port

We are keeping ready stock of slip coat at Meghpar, Anjar to fulfill regular demand of Ship Chandler of Gandhidham. Our standard packing of slipcoat is 50 Ltr, 210 Ltrs DRUM. Slip coat is poplymer based emulsion which protects direct contact of hazardous cargo from metal surface. And during discharging of cargo slip coat makes cleaning easy, as slip coat works as barrier liquid inbetween cargo and hold. Pl. feel free to ask for more details about slipcoat like price, MSDS, using application, technical data etc...

Factory Manager vacancy for Meghpar Branch

Our company required person for our Meghpar unit as a Assistance Factory Manager. Candidate having below eligibility can apply for this post :

Our Prefererred Candidate : Local Residence, Surounding to Meghpar. And having senior age group 50 + or Retired person. And must have general knowledge of computer for mailing and data entry. 

Call us : 09821214367 only after senidng your resume through mail... rajendratiwarirx@gmail.com

Job Vacancy in Gandhidham, Gujrat

We required person having good experience in Ship Chandlers line to monitor our chemical ship supply activities in Deendayal Port. Experienced and interested person also can work from home. Adipur - Gandhidham and surounding person are most welcome. 

​Email : resume@westindiachemical.com